Green Roofs Are Helping
Us Move Towards a
Brighter Future

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What Are The Primary Benefits Of Green Roofs?

There are many wonderful benefits to incorporating a green roof on your home or office building. A green roof has for many years been promoted as an effective and easy strategy for beautifying your building and at the same time improving the environment.  Another benefit is that it offers you a great investment opportunity.

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Helping With Storm Water Management

A green roof will help with storm water management. Storm water can be stored and then used by the plants which in turn will return the water into the atmosphere by means of evaporation and transpiration. During the summer time when water is more scarce, a green roof will retain 70 to 90% of the rainfall that falls on the various plants. This retention will decrease to 25 to 40% during the winter months.

A green roof will also help with waste diversion. It can contribute to landfill diversion by allowing the recycled materials to be used as a growing medium. It will also prolong the life of any waterproofing membranes which will also reduce associated waste. Also, there will be an extended service life for ventilation, heating, and HVAC systems due to the fact that the systems will be not used as often.

Rainwater Runoff Benefits

Besides retaining rainwater a green roof will also moderate the waters temperature and act as a natural filter for any water that happens to run off of the roof. A green roof system will also reduce the amount of storm water runoff. Also, it will reduce the amount of time that a normal runoff would take which will help decrease stress on any of the surrounding sewer systems during peak flow periods.

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Combating Urban Heat Issues

A green roof also moderates the amount of urban heat that is produced. During the daily evaporation the plants will be able to cool the surrounding area during the warm summer months and therefore help to reduce the urban heat island effect. This is due to the light that is absorbed by the vegetation which would otherwise be converted into a type of heat energy. Today, we see that many rooftops are black and therefore a green roof will naturally absorb the sun's heat rather than reflect it back into the atmosphere by buildings that have a black roof.

Many Other Benefits!!

There are many other wonderful benefits when incorporating a green roof onto a residential home or an office building. These benefits can be discussed by inviting a green roof design company into your home or office. Their representative will be able to explain all of these amazing benefits.